Baku, Azerbaijan Apr’16

Azerbaijan or what they refer to as the “Land of Fire” is a country in Asia, it was part of the great silk road.

Now lets speak seriously, Food, Food, Food AMAZING. Their cuisines so so delicious, I’m hungry lets book a ticket :”)

I loved Baku so much, that I really want to go again. Now how to plan your trip? What to do there? check their tourism website, if you want to visit museums and enjoy history you will find it off course. If you want food keep it simple book your ticket and your hotel and just walk and discover.

There is much more to see in Azerbaijan and I’m for sure going to visit this amazing country again.

My trip was in April 2016, the accommodation was in Four Season Hotel Baku had the best stay.

For the tours we booked a two days tour previously with one of the tours company there.

أذربيجان “أرض النار” إحدى الدول الواقعة في منطقة القوقاز. اشتهرت كوجهة سياحية من فتره قريبه. دولة مرتبة ونظيفة وجميلة جداً، تنفع للرحلات السريعة لكمن يوم

أكلهم لذيذ طبعاً. تحصلون عندهم الحضارة، الأكل، السوق، الي تبونه

سكنا في الفورسيزن في باكو وكان كل شي عدالنا


Somewhere in my own world.

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