From 27-12-2017 to 3-1-2018

After 23 years I’m back to London, Finally. (as if I remember that trip :p)

Cold nights, Winter wonderland, Hot drinks, and mixed feelings. Can I live it again?

We’ve stayed in two hotels, I’m gonna mention one of them because I loved it a lot, the other I didn’t like it that much.

So I enjoyed my stay in The Adria boutique hotel so much, and I loved the feeling that your home. The rooms have names, our room name was “Elizabeth”, I loved the idea of keeping the keys in a box that looks like a book, and to not forget the elevator it has the first letter of each room 👀 simple yet creative.

Where to go in London? Where to eat? well I’m not that kind of person who knows every single place in London, our trip was walk and discover. We focused on enjoying the city, and discovering it. If you want to know more about London, just search you will find many!

Wait! Yes we booked for afternoon tea at Berkeley hotel 1-1-2018… YES my first day of 2018 was special 😀


And tried L’ETO, even though we have a brunch in Dubai I wanted to try the one in London of course so I ordered a yellow latte and even though its nearly evening I ordered eggs Benedict..


Walk and discover

and the video

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