The Duchess

Oh FRBDA it has been awhile, where are you? Well, my life has become a marathon 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Brought to you an amazing choice for breakfast in La mer that I loved so much, The Duchess.

They have great choices for breakfast, actually I will use the word unique because it’s different and unusual.

I loved their food so much, my fav one was the Mexican scrambled eggs. (Didn’t take pics of the food, I was hangry)

من الأماكن الي حبيتها صدق، وما توقعته جميل لها الدرجة

أكلهم حلو، أطباقهم متنوعه وتحسوبها مميزه. يعني شي يخصهم هم

مع الأسف ما صورت الأكل كنت وايد يوعانه، بس أكثر شي حبيته البيض المكسيكي

The Duchess website

The Duchess Instagram 

The Duchess Zomato



Somewhere in my own world.

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