When they say FRBDA why are you visiting this place this much? then you have to know that it’s a must try. However, when I’m visiting a place every Saturday (note that its my only free day for going out) then you have to know that a love story has started with this location.

Let me tell you about my new love story, SKM’D.

First thing first, what made me think of the location is the view. I wanted to have my breakfast with a beach view, and this is how we decided to go there.

The food, was so yummy. You will find out in the pictures below that we’ve ordered the same plates, beetroot latte, and charcoal ice-cream. This what happens when your friend’s taste and you taste is 99.9% the same.

The stuff  we’re very friendly and this is another reason to love the place.

I came back the weekend after with my sisters, and then came back again with the cousins. Never felt that its enough. I love this place!


SKM’D menu

SKM’D Website 

SKM’D Instagram


Somewhere in my own world.

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