Depending on my location i will list my favourite cafes, with what I normally order from them. Put on your mind that I don’t change my choices, choosing classic, things that I know how it taste (I don’t want to cry, drama 😛 )

Coffee on the run.


When in AlKhawaneej:

Farmers Cafe, Alkhawaneej:

-Twisted affogato

-Cold organic honey caramel latte

-Cold brew


Old caf, Alkhawaneej: 

-Cold Spanish Latte



Grind, Last Exit AlKhawaneej:

-Con Leche


When at work, nearest run to Nad Al Hammar:

20 grams coffee, Nad Al Hammar:


-Corto Spanish Latte


When at home, Jumeirah:


Barista vibes, Jumeirah:

-Cold Charcoal Latte



-Flat white


PDL cafe:

-Flat white

-Iced Spanish latte


When ordering from them don’t forget to order your “Nutella cookie” AMAZING


Trois Specialty coffee:

-Flat white


Now moving to my favourite cafes to set in. Those who knows me will know my favourite immediately.

Number one my never ending love story:


Located in Port Rashed, my favourite escape with a view. The vibes of the place will attract me forever. Whenever I feel that I need a break from everything I go there. Quiet, calming, enchanting, *add all the lovely words from your dictionary*.

So FRBDA where is your favourite french toast? Here, in my favourite location.

I love it deeply, madly. and I miss it so much, so often.



The blue door: 

Another escape for people who are searching for quiet places. Just choose your coffee and have a seat, Enjoy reading a book, working on your laptop, or just meditate 😛 or think of life (no more thoughts enough, just enjoy)

I would like to mention one more place, even though I have visited it once, but I loved the place so much. (I didn’t have the time to revisit it)


Chapter One Floral Cafe:

It’s a small cafe that will give you many wonderful feelings. I loved the space so much. They do have choices of dessert that you can enjoy with your coffee.

OH YAH forget to mention, searching for a location to take instagram pics this is the place.



Adding my new favourite quiet spot:

One Coffee House 

Located in Al Khawaneej, this cafe has become my favourite recently. Whenever I feel that I need a break, I always end up here.

Their toasties are delicious, I have tried “The One Toast” and I loved it.






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